Rowland’s story


God protected me during an armed robbery attack in university.

It was during my second semester of first year, on a Friday in March 2017. I was not feeling well, so I decided go to my hostel to sleep after a prayer meeting instead of continuing to a prophetic meeting. When I got home, a couple of my roommates left for a rehearsal for an album recording. 

At dawn – it was 3:48 AM – I heard a loud noise followed by voices begging me, “OPEN THE DOOR! OPEN THE DOOR!” I opened the door and saw a roommate and a friend from Legon looking very scared. They narrated that they had been attacked by armed robbers, who took their bags, including their laptops and everything they had been holding. 

Three of my friends had been attacked, but only two had come to the house. The third was negotiating for his SIM card because he did not want to lose his contacts. We anxiously waited for him to arrive so we could lock the door. 

When he finally got to the house, we asked him what had happened with the robbers and, while he was answering, we saw three gunmen entering the premises. My friends rushed inside and I managed to shut the door since I had been standing closest to the door. However, I could not lock the door because the key was not there. I could only hold the door closed. 

I somehow was able to hold the door against the gunmen who were pushing themselves in. However, I eventually tired and they overpowered me and rushed in. Dazed and not knowing where to run to, I was left standing on the corridor. Amazingly, they all rushed past me without attacking. One of them finally spotted me and stood by me for a while, though he just watched me. He also eventually moved on.

As soon as the robber moved on, I rushed out of the building to call for help. I was only half-dressed and running through the streets. I met my roommate who had left for rehearsal earlier and narrated what had happened at the hostel. We both eventually went to another hostel to spend the night. 

We came back to our own hostel around 6 AM the following morning. The robbers had taken everything – laptops, phones, money. They had raped a girl who was alone in her room. 

I believe that I was covered and hidden by the hands of God that night from the eyes of the robbers who just passed by me and did not harm me, though I was just standing in the corridor. 

This experience has led me to believe that God will never leave us nor forsake us, no matter the kinds of situations we face. All we need to do is keep trusting Him.

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