Naa Martekor’s Story


My Name is Naa Martekor Agyiri formally Ayishetu Mama Ali( this is a story for another post).

My 2019 has been so strange and good. Since University, I have been privileged to work with hospitals and clinics for my entire work experience. I started this new job in 2019 with a hospital and decided to give it my all.

Within my first month or so into the job I had an attack.. From the waist down I couldn’t move and when I tried moving, it hurt so bad. I remember calling everyone I know to help me in prayer. It was so bad I didn’t want to go to work that very day, but I tried and walked to work only to have my boss say that if I hadn’t showed up that day, he was thinking of terminating my appointment. That was in January or February and that was my first victory through Jesus but it wasn’t over. All through the first six months i had struggles. We had a six months long probationary period and we all expected to be given slots as permanent staff but it never came. The letter that came was for a contract which came in June. I worked in July but was so scared I would be sacked at any time. At this job I could work 48 hours straight without breaking for home. Then in July the salary delayed and I knew it was time to leave but then how was I going to survive in this Ghana without a job or help.

As I continued in to August I struggled and did all I could to keep the job without pay, but God had other plans. He raised friends to come to my aid, From hair, to clothes to food. I was sorted out and it was amazing. I was blown away how people came to my aid knowing that I wasn’t disabled or sick but they helped whole hearted even to a fully paid retreat and home. He (Jesus) healed me from an illness I didn’t even know I had. I know I am a walking breathing testimony and it hasn’t ended….. I stayed home for months not working and like the raven that fed the prophet, strangers fed me. Some days I’d wake up and feel like it was over then someone will show up with exactly what I needed to go through life. I know Jesus and He has His eye out on me. It may not sound like much but if u have been privileged to be sleeping on the streets as a child and an adult, living like this with good help (help without strings) is the best thing that can ever happen to me. I’m grateful Jesus. I see what you do for me and I’m in awe.

This is my testimony of how God favoured me.