Mabel’s story


Hey Storytellers,

My name is Mabel and this is my story.

I was born in East Cantonments, Accra , Ghana in a very luxurious area. I do not have any memory of it. But you can go check it out. lol

At age 3 I lived with my mum and sister in a kiosk at Labone. My neighbours were the charcoal seller on the left and the ‘blue kiosk’ on the right. Life was hard. Food was hard to come by and entertainment was a luxury.

In case you are wondering how I moved from East Cantonments to Labone, it was because my mother worked for one of the residents in the area and after he passed away, we had no where else to go.

My strong and wise mother (God bless her soul) had a goal and that was to educate us to the highest level. By God’s grace we were able to attain higher education.

My story is on God’s grace for provision for my education. I have two degrees and run my own business. This is my testimony.

All through primary to JSS , I was always sacked for school fees. God showed me grace by giving me favour before my teachers and school authorities. The school was impressed with my smartness and seriousness towards my academic work hence decided to strike a deal with my mum and allowed her to pay my fees in instalments.

Through High school, God showed me grace through my brother who was nearly married and was doing well in Canada. He paid my fees through high school to university. There were hard times. Times where out of frustration, he would threaten not to cater for my fees which led me to selling palm wine on campus to pay for my hostel fees. Another way God showed His grace was granting me the year abroad program where the university paid me for being a language student while granting a full scholarship for my third year of schooling.

God has been my all time constant. He used people like my mum, my brother and my school to bring me out of poverty. Today I have a first degree in French, and a second degree in law. If this is not Grace, I don’t know what it is!

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