Josephine’s Story


Four years ago I was diagnosed with a complicated gynaecological condition. I went to different hospitals and had several tests run on me but with the same or even worse results. This went on for more than 3 years . It was depressing. My family got worried and my condition kept worsening by the day. I prayed often and continuously but to no avail. I felt God was so far from me, that my condition was hopeless until I. attended a healing service at church one Friday night. Little did I know I was a step away from my healing. I went with the hope of getting healed, whatever it takes. I was still experiencing the pains and symptoms even after the healing service so I went back to the hospital two days later to get tested again and to my uttermost disappointment, the results weren’t any different. I was gradually giving up but still held on my faith and still took my medications. Three days later after the last medication, I saw those horrible symptoms no more! No abnormal abdominal pains, no bleeding whatsoever! Till now, those symptoms have never returned.

I can only and boldly say God healed me. He did this to prove that No matter the situation he is still God and He is so close than we think. He could have healed me in a second but He chose to do so in His own appointed time. By so doing, he’s caused me to. strengthen my faith in Him.