Godson’s Story


Thanks for this wonderful opportunity to share my testimony.

I’ll like to start by saying “We serve a God who never fails and he never shares his glory with anybody.

It was in the month of October; things were literally falling apart. Like a duck in the river, I looked calm. on the outside but deep down, panic filled my heart.

I was barely struggling to keep my head above waters financially when i received messages from my landlords. I live in Ghana but my mum stays in Nigeria. Nevertheless; both rents are my responsibility.

They both gave me deadlines to pay up or quit the house before 2nd November. Honestly, i became the synonym for confusion, tears and sadness. I literally saw my joy leave through the window. Everyone i thought could help me had one or two things they had to use money for. I became frustrated but the day’s kept counting.

On this faithful day, i decided to call a friend and pour out my heart to him. I did and he encouraged me and prayed with me. This happened on the 13th October.

On Monday the 30th of October, while sitting in the office afraid. I got a call to come to Takoradi the next day to train the staff of one of the largest port handlers in Ghana. First, i wasn’t too sure what i heard. It was like a dream. The caller repeated that they want me in Takoradi the next day. All expenses paid.

I got to Takoradi the next day, first i was given an exclusive welcome. I did the training for that day and the manager was wowed. He requested that i stay and train the management level for one more day which i agreed to.

The interesting part was that after i agreed, i was taken to the best hotel in Takoradi for a buffet lunch. I was assigned a chauffeur and lodged in an outstanding hotel in the hearts of the city. I was amazed. God was pampering me. This time around, i had tears of joy.

After the final training on the 1st of November, i was paid the exact amount that i needed to offset the both house rents before the 2nd of November. My mind was blown away! It just could have been God.

Through this, i found that God sometimes wants us to depend solely on him. He doesn’t want us to put our trust in the armour of flesh. No wonder he waits till we exhaust all our options before he steps in and does what no man can do because, he will never share his glory with any man.

He is indeed a faithful God.