Duchess’s Story


Earlier this year, I had the chance to start again. I had the chance to change schools and study Doctor of Pharmacy after my second year studying Bachelor of Pharmacy in this previous university. This was one answered prayer because throughout that two year period, I kept thinking to myself, “I like pharmacy but I’m not feeling what I’m studying here. I want out.” So I got it. A fresh start.

That semester in the new university was glorious. I was loving every moment of the journey. I was able to clearly understand what I was studying and also recollect with much ease. My fellowship with the Holy Spirit was also booming. I was in a very good place throughout that season.

The semester was coming to an end and I was preparing towards my end of semester exams which were coming up the following week. I had papers back to back on each day and writing two papers in one day. I was doing 11 courses that semester so the pressure was pretty high. 

I wasn’t really perturbed because I thought, oh I’ve been studying a lot this semester so if I’m able to just use this one week to revise, I’ll be fine. I became a little complacent along the line thinking I was so intelligent and that I had this. 

During that revision week, I had phone call from a friend of mine telling me someone very dear had been detained by the police. That shook me in ways I cannot express. I tried to maintain my composure and keep focused on the task before me. This was practically impossible. Anyone who knows me knows how much I absolutely adore this person so this was a really huge blow. I could sit on one page of my notes for about three hours, reading the same line over and over again. I spent about three quarters of my day crying (no one realized, surprisingly- well not really, I did a good job of covering up). My mind kept going to the worst case scenarios. I was numb. Life was going on around me and I felt an emotional disconnect to everything. On the Sunday before my exam, I came back from church and called my dad and told him I couldn’t take my papers. He refused to hear any of that. I then spoke to my sister who kept telling me that God had special favor for me that His name would be glorified through this situation. As I sat on my bedlater that day, I had a conversation with God then I just sensed some calmness fill me. I just started laughing uncontrollably.

Throughout my exams my mind tried to travel to this person, thinking of the trauma he must have been facing which broke me down as I was taking some papers. But God’s Word would come to me and I was back on track.

When my exam results came a few weeks after, I was just in awe. I had all A’s and a B

I know it was all God, He’s absolutely amazing, and I thank Him for that.