Anima’s Story


One day, when I was very little, my mother took me to my grandparents’ house. She never came back for me. I woke up every morning expecting to see her and go home with her, but days turned into weeks and eventually months turned into years. When I finally accepted that she was not going to come, I made the decision to settle into my new home. I developed a strong bond with my grandparents, which was shattered soon after when my Grandpa passed away.

My Grandma, in dealing with his passing, became a recluse. Eventually, she too passed away. With that blow, my life became a series of incessant bad happenings, which left me broken and doubting the existence of God. I stopped praying and then I stopped going to church. I did not want to be involved in anything to do with a God who obviously did not care about me.

However, one evening, He came through for me. I had an asthmatic attack and was taken to the hospital. At the hospital, they had run out of the salbutamol — the medication I needed — and asked the person who had brought me to the hospital to go get some from another neighbouring hospital. I had no other options. I was gasping for breath, and had to wait long for that person to return. It felt like the end for me; and, in that moment, I made a silent prayer to God to help me. I did not believe that He would listen, but I was desperate.

God listened to me. And, since that time, I have not had an asthmatic crisis or any signs of one. For any one who has stopped believing that God cares about your situation, I would say, “LET GO AND LET GOD” in any situation you find yourself in. Isaiah 54:10 reads,“‘Though the mountains be shaken and the hills be removed, yet my unfailing love for you will not be shaken nor my covenant of peace be removed,’ says the Lord, who has compassion on you.” He is not a man that He will lie or break His part of the covenant.

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