Herh chale young people dey kill dema body

I just read some article online about some medical school student wey e commit suicide plus some other girl wey she jump of the fourth floor in UG and things. Then I read say she too make depressed. Chale e no be easy ooo.

Usually as we hear say people kill dema body, some dey act all someway den judge the person. But the thing I come see be say that be the same reason why many no dey open up. The temptation make human hurt in boy dey fit make stronger and stronger especially as we no get somebody talk plus.

Sometimes we dey hear say people dey talk say dem want die but we dey see am as passing comment or foolish joke. But chale we for take all of this seriously. Ebi hard say people go open up and ebi mainly because that spirit wey e dey want make person kill in body know say as the person get help e no go fit do in job. So chale we for be sensitive to the things the people wey dem dey wanna body, go tell we.

Recently I rep something for my WhatsApp status about suicide. I rep this:

“Thoughts? Let’s be real! What do you think? Why are more people getting suicidal and what can pastors, counselors, activists do about this?”

The sad thing be say then as I write that message, somebody e read am dey contemplate suicide. I only come find out days later as the person make passing statement say e try kill e body that day.

So then as I dey talk, as I post, certain people share different views on the subject. But the clear message throughout all be centered on stigma and opening up.

Somebody e go listen

Chale every body get problem, but chale through it all, we for learn how we go dey there give wanna body. Today you support, morrow as you dey down me too I support. Two are better than one. You go need someone one day so never ignore somebody as e get problem. One act of love go fit help someone. 

Besed on the responses I get, e truly check like more people dey want talk oo, but the stigma surrounding the subject be too weighty. People no want make others see then like dem mad or something. The same person also talk say the prices wey counselors dey charge be high too much means say students and things wey dem make depressed no go afford the services. Another person mention say this age of social media make am easy say we go hide wanna feelings. The crazy thing be say, the medical student I mention earlier rep for twitter too say e want die but be like others no take am serious. Lastly another person talk say as people talk say dem make suicidal nor, other people no go listen kraa…dem just go jump talk say dem want pray. 

At the end of the day people want make dem tia dem. Before the advice, before the prayer, before anything else listen. By the way if you know say you be bad listener, I go encourage you make you go read this book, “how to make friends and influence people by Dale Carnegie”. Some people just be bad listeners, as you talk one sentence, them no go make you finish sef then dem go cut you. It’s hard if not impossible to open up to such people. So chale as you dey read wey you know for your heart inside say you get listening problem, go read ooo. Anyway, if having a true friend who can listen and counsel in this age of social media (where people seem distant and behind their screens)  is the way to go, then we for be good friends to each other. We for dog this stigma we dey take put the subject top. 

You see, empathy be the way to go ooo, sometimes people don’t even have to say much. I get some friend who only nodded and empathized with me sometime I make depressed waah, wey after that I make okay. We weren’t created to bear the weight of life alone, bible sef dey talk say: 

Ecclesiastes 4:9-12

Two people are better off than one, for they can help each other succeed. If one person falls, the other can reach out and help. But someone who falls alone is in real trouble. Likewise, two people lying close together can keep each other warm. But how can one be warm alone? A person standing alone can be attacked and defeated, but two can stand back-to-back and conquer. Three are even better, for a triple-braided cord is not easily broken.

You see the thing, e say a person standing alone can be attacked and defeated. As long as a person is alone with deadly thoughts, the thoughts go fit overwhelm them. Sad thing is usually as people dey go through stuff that leads to these thoughts, people dey abandon them. Making it even worse for them mentally. 

You feel what I dey talk! 

Lastly some counselor padi I get say be like that give me this response as I ask am about in thoughts about the prices: 

On the prices, first decide if you want to see a counselor or a psychologist. If it’s a counselor and you want it to be faith based then the church comes in. And I know there are work/school counselors for example

If it’s a Clinical Psychologist a good place to start would be the government hospital because while most people don’t know, the government hospitals are working to have a permanent place for them in all hospitals. When you’re on health insurance you pay next to nothing for them. Without insurance you pay a little more. About 50 cedis I think.

Now private practice is a different matter. Guess that depends on the specialist and the practice he’s running and that can be expensive for the average Ghanaian.

Chale if you get any questions, or comments make I know. You fit drop am below or just message me.

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