The Tortured Artist

Everyone goes through pain.

But channeling that pain into a work of art is on another level.

You feel the pain of others including yours 

You stay in your pain to create,

And see the product of your pain in the works you create.

Others relate because you poured out your very soul into your work.

I am down, bruised, unhappy, 

But only I can feel and channel my emotions into what you read. 

My feelings mixed with my words are unique

My feelings aren’t 

Neither is the ability to write 

But when they come together, I tell a story that is uniquely mine 

Written in the blood of my emotions 

The tortured artist. 

Nobody sees the pain

Nobody sees the bloodstains on the lyrics, brushstrokes or elegant movement of our bodies 

Nobody hears our inward screams.

The lonely moments in the bathroom where we prayed to God and wished He could take failure away from us.

It’s a journey, but I am glad that through it all, people can connect and come out feeling better than they were. 

It’s a cross and a treasure

It’s a gift but definitely not a curse 

Life of an artist 

We are filters of internal and external stories 

They run through us and what you see is life through our broken stained glass souls 

Broken people with a message 

Some find healing and reflect a brighter light through their works

And others never do, reflecting  the very darkness within their souls upon the canvases they work with

To be an artist, truly great as can be

Comes with a personal journey and experiences that no eye may ever see. 


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