Somebody in girl

Before I get into the article, I dey want share some poem I rep for english inside.

It’s hard to tell
But I called it love
It’s hard to sleep
I’ve got you on mind
Got a million questions
Why not you in my life?
Then I remembered
You were somebody else’s girl

So I enter what I go call my pidgin period. I want start dey write for pidgin inside. But I go fuse am plus English, so say the people way dem no dey barb pidgin go understand. I want feel free talk my mind, and write like how me den my guys go talk. If you do not understand anything I am saying, do drop a comment or head to the bottom to read the english summary. Anyway, make we dive in.

Make we know

Boss, Madam…Abeg If you dey love someone show it ooo, make you no do your body styles styles like you no dey love your partner. I Dey tell you. Make you no make some person feel say e get chance come grab your boy or girl. Because seriously, squad day hover around, and whatever you like or find attractive in your partner, someone too day like paaah. So if you know say you dey relationship inside, wey you still dey entertain that cute guy/girl who dey catch your eye, wey e also dey try ron you….chale you naah you know say sooner or later you go fall give am. Make you no figure say you be hard ooo, if you play with fire e go burn you.

But chale seriously if you know say, you no get peace about the future of your current relationship over too many things, wey that be why you dey entertain others or try cheat, you for advice yourself.

Boys make wild

Chale let me be honest and real with you: squad go fit smell a dead relationship or a relationship that’s not strong. People can tell, so if you want to keep it, then invest in it, if you feel she/he isn’t really the one but then going to find someone else is a lot of work so you hanging on, please oooo please, you are blocking someone else’s chance. Bross, you no for go propose to a wonderful, smart, creative, submissive, humble, caring, hotttt girl den slack. Why you blast? Anyway if you get amazing woman, you don’t have to get lazy because you feel say right now you too you get woman. Deyyyy there den watch.

Why you enter the relationship?

Ladies, talking to you here. Let me drop my pidgin a bit.

A lady must also invest into a relationship and let the world know she truly has a solid man by her side that she loves and who loves her back; cause any maybe’s or uncertainties will attract others who are interested in her, not because they want to ruin a “relationship” but because they sense the issues and make assumptions that the relationship is probably not meant to be. But you know, at the end of the day the decision lies in our hands, why do we enter the relationships we get into and how do we know if it’s not working or if it needs to move into a marriage. Boss, madam please don’t just enter a relationship because you are old and expiring, don’t enter a relationship just because you are burninggggg….HUNAM!!! (Flesh). Enter a relationship because you have peace and because you can see your destinies aligning. God wants to use you for something and trust me, the person you enter a relationship with can either block what God wants to do through you or act as a rocket that will propel you both to higher heights.

I summarise for here

If you no barb everything I write I go summarize am in pure English give you:

  1. if you love someone show it. Don’t be acting single
  2. There are people out there who find your partner attractive as well so treasure what you have
  3. If you are not ready to invest in your relationship or do not have peace about it, advise yourself
  4. If you are in a relationship and you entertain people who are falling for you, who you also find attractive, you may one day fall for them hard and this can affect your relationship
  5. Enter a relationship because of a God-given purpose, not sex or because you are getting old.

I finish. If you enjoy am. Holla me or just comment for the under here.

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