Thinking Aloud: African Unity

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Thinking Aloud

We have always thought the unrest in Sudan, the after effects of war in Liberia and other parts of Africa are modern post-colonial battles that began recently. There have been various assertions of how foreign groups have funded coup d’etats across the region and orchestrated the death of some leaders. Our continent has witnessed the harrowing effects of war and unrest. To some extent, we are not as unified as we think we are. Before the white man came to Africa, wooing our people with gunpowder and other commodities, there were wars and disputes between the people for power and supremacy. Our divide made it easier for us to turn against each other; selling our blessings, our people and resources. Though we are making strides as a people, until we realise our value as Africans and the essence of our unity rather than division, it will take us several years to “rise out of the dark ages”. We need to stop blaming others for our misfortunes. What we need to do is to develop our capabilities and learn to progress together as a people. United we stand, divided we fall.

Dela Anyah

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