Running with the wolves

Have you ever wondered why people visit zoos? Think about it. Is it just to admire works of nature or to marvel at God’s handiwork? Do we go to the zoo just to hear lions roar and to see monkeys swing from tree to tree? Yes! That’s exactly what we do…but why?

There is the simple reason. Every creature, object, mountain or work of nature designed by God serves a purpose. And you know, we like these creatures who are below us are exactly the same—we were designed for a purpose.

Our greatest problem as a species is that we try to be like others.

In the animal world, the lion wouldn’t howl just because the wolf hated the sound of its roar. And the snake wouldn’t cry just because the zebra said it didn’t have four legs. We all, like these animals have a unique set of codes that make us unique but then again we usually try to be like others. And the result is that no one walks to the “zoo” to see us perform, sing, act, write or create because we aren’t authentic; we lack the aura that makes us who we were created to be.

There is something about being authentic that makes you attractive. Authenticity is simply a state gained when we keep evolving, learning, praying and connecting with our divine source who is God.

Born to solve problems

Man was born to solve problems. Whiles driving yesterday, this became clear to me. Have you ever wondered why life is so filled with a ton of problems? Why we move from one problem to another every single week if not day. And it’s not that we aren’t praying or because we are possibly in God’s bad books…it’s just the way life is. We are on earth to solve problems and to restore creation back to its original state (Romans 8:19). You will see this throughout history. Man is constantly trying to solve problems. We start early in our lives by solving our own issues then at that point of actualization, we give back or turn back to lift others up.

Throughout this cycle you must know where and who you are because, your ticket to solving your own problems and the problems of other lies in who you are. Sadly many here in Africa especially, miss out on that, we spend a ton of our early years totally dependent on clothing, shelter, food and everything from our parents and guardians. Many are also totally dependent on knowledge from teachers and school only, to the point whereby, by the time they are old they lack the needed skills and knowledge to unlock their real selves. Let’s face it many don’t even remember a ton of things taught in school; and this is simply because it’s totally not relevant to their purpose. Most people are not who they are but what society wants them to be. This again is simply because their mindset and knowledge is based only on what they are feed with, and not what they divinely feel connected to seek.

The wolves

There is a seed within us all, and the only way it will grow up to become a great tree is when we become seekers—seekers of ourselves, seekers of God; beings who can see into a world beyond ours to bring forth technologies and works that solve problems and transform lives in the natural. We need to become receivers, beings capable of receiving signals from another dimension like spiritual antennas.

The bible tells us that God lets the rain [revelation] fall upon the just and the unjust (Matthew 5:45). This clearly means that the next idea that will usurp Facebook, The Mona Lisa, chocolate cake or any other creation of man is hovering in space and the only way to receive it is by pressing on in knowledge. Knowledge only, however, won’t cut it, we must be guided in prayer by God to maneuver through life in order to birth these mysteries. Note: To bring forth something into the world that hasn’t been seen before, you must connect with a God that can’t be seen in the natural except by the eyes of our heart and understanding.

So who are you? A lion or a lion trying to howl?

Delve deeper and constantly envelope yourself in a space that allows you to maintain focus on who you are. This is because the wrong associations or negativity can cause your spiritual eyes to close, rendering your receivers dysfunctional and your quest to greatness over. This is why lions hunt with lions and why wolves move in packs. They seek together and defend their greatness together. Who you are, is heavily dependent on your depth of knowledge, your connection to your divine source (God) and the pack you move with.

Thanks for reading.

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