Interview with Ebenezer Nyarko

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In this interview we have a  chat with Ebenezer Nyarko about his new book designed by HAUS OF ANYAH.

1. What inspired you to write this book?

I wrote this book because oftentimes we, Christians, come to church on Sundays to worship. But afterwards, we spend about 6 to 7 days a week at work. Question is: do we relegate Christian principles to the background at work? How should we deal with non- Christian colleagues at work. How do Christians deal with the various pressures in the work environment while still delivering great results? How should Christians deal with occultism in the workplace? What kind of environment would facilitate peaceful cooperation at work? This book was written to help deal with some of these issues.

2. Do you believe Africa in lagging behind in terms of business and over relying on Foreign Direct Investments? If so how do you believe your new book can inspire current and future entrepreneurs to have an advantage in the marketplace?

Yes! Africa is lagging behind in terms of business and over relying on Foreign Direct Investments. Africans have to tap into that innovative potential that is hidden within them to come up with new ideas and businesses that can bring economic growth. I think my new book can inspire Africans and give them that drive to know that they have that creative God-given ability in them to come up with ideas that can lead to big breakthroughs in business.

3. How do you feel about the design? The vintage Renaissance feel. Do share your thoughts on the design as well as your work with HAUS OF ANYAH.

The design is wonderful – a brilliant touch of creativity. The Renaissance design takes us back to the days of Shakespeare’s Merchant of Venice. The Haus of Anyah did a wonderful job of turning my ideas into reality.

Check out the project link below:

The Merchant of Heaven Book Design

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