Reaching Out

The story behind this painting blew my mind. It all began with me asking the hard questions: why do you believe in God etc? Which as always opens us up for a beautiful dialog. I didn’t see (envision) this painting initially or even know I would be commissioned to paint it. However as time went on and as we spoke I perceived that God had a message for her. This lead to the painting in which God revealed things to me that she had never told me. The painting was to let her know that in all she has been through, God had been reaching out to her. Below is her story:

“Life’s journey has been full of ups and downs for me..not understanding what was truly going on with me before God used this painting by Dela to speak to me… most of the time I’m depressed about the things that happened in the past and anxious of the unknown.. when I entered my new work place which has served as both an office and learning place…this lanky guy called Dela walked in and started asking me about my faith…in my head all I was thinking…. why this guy will not rest in the house and was asking plenty questions..goodness this guy can talk very fast…even though I answered most of my answers were vague but he pressed on in a kind way.. I also honestly wondered what he knew about our struggle to fit in this world that only judges from what they’ve heard ….to cut a long story short..he came to the office to leave this painting for someone to pick up later in the day…little did I know it was meant for me…before then I had gone to work early in the morning at Judge Laurenda’s garden in my favorite red dress… funny thing was Dela has never seen me in this dress before ……….. I quickly changed into my ash office wear which I was carrying along.. I don’t want to bore you with all the details…so I will stop here… hmmm this painting spoke volumes… I felt connected as soon as I saw it… and as it turned out the painting was handed to me was just like a made believe story for me…. I showed him the red dress and strands of my hair dyed brown covered with the wig……and the smile should tell you how grateful I am…and in the lasts days God will use any medium to reach out to us. I am grateful………..Thank God for arts”

— Jemima Selorm (August 2016)


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