Sunday School

This painting has a very interesting story. It all began after church one day. I had just began painting months prior—March 2015, and brought a couple of pieces to a friend who wanted to see my works.

As I was showing her the pieces (drawings and prints at the time), another lady walked up and began to ask questions about my work. We exchanged numbers. Days later she told me her story and what she wanted as the key theme for her painting. This was my first painting commission, and it kinda steered the direction for other works. At that point, I had no idea that I was going to be painting stories and testimonies. For some reason, such people—people with intimate stories and divine encounters—were going to be drawn to me as time went on.

At the time I received this commission, I wasn’t too well, I was suffering from a chronic cough that lasted for a while. This painting was started whiles I was still seeking solutions to my illness in June 2015—most drugs and antibiotics weren’t working. I was weak most of the time but through my weakness, I tried to meet the deadline. My healing came weeks later—supernaturally—after I was prayed for a church. This will have to be a personal painting in itself.

The pictures below are behind the scenes shots I took whiles working.

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