Unquenchable vengeance

At the climax of any emotional hurt—the point where we can no longer bear the memories of pain that a person has placed us through—twisted fantasies and dark vengeful thoughts erupt within our minds. Alone by ourselves, we visualise the gratification we would receive by watching the people who hurt us crumble under the weight of the pain we hope to inflict on them. We have all heard about the expression tit for tat. That is, paying one back for something hurtful they did to us in order to even things out. It seems quite simple and fair, however, in actuality, tit for tat doesn’t exist. The yearning to inflict harm on a person who hurt us is never quenched no matter the number of times we cheat, lie to, cuss, or make them cry as payback. The well of sorrow dug in our hearts by the pain they caused us can never filled by more pain.

Vengeance truly is unquenchable. This is because the desire to pay a person back is triggered by the numerous memories of an unhealed hurt. And as long as one’s heart is still bruised and clouded with unforgivingness, he/she will always find the need to hurt another and/or, his/herself whenever the memories of the pain resurface. A broken heart—unknown to some, continually opens the mind up to dark fantasies and suggestions; whiles a troubled mind is a breeding ground for vengeful thoughts. Simply put, till the heart is totally healed, the mind of a hurting soul will continually receive and embrace every demonic suggestion that will lead him/her repeatedly down the path of vengeance.

Vengeance leads people to destroy both their lives and relationships. Cussing or talking rudely to someone you love (in order to hurt them) because they spoke to you rudely; or flirting around because you witnessed another flirting with your spouse and more, are actions that are bound to destroy both you and your relationship. If in the name of payback, a person ever decides to cheat or get with another person for attention, that act will open a door of repeated cycles. One that won’t stop even after the relationship has been destroyed.

In John 10:10, Jesus stated that the devil’s goal is to steal, kill and destroy. Whiles blinded by pain we are nothing more than pawns for the evil one and till we ultimately kill or destroy a person or relationship, the evil thoughts of payback from him ceaselessly flow. What’s worse is that when vengeance leads a person down the path of murder, the vengeful thoughts get swapped with new thoughts of guilt and regret. Which as you may know, have led myriads suicidal.

Dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves, but rather give place unto wrath: for it is written, Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord (Romans 12:19).

God knows exactly why He said vengeance is Mine. He knows the frailty of the flesh, and how the devil can manipulate us in our moments of weakness to do things that will only make us more and more demonic in our thoughts and actions.

Truthfully the weight of pain isn’t one we can bear by ourselves. It takes God only to totally heal and avenge us of any pain brought upon us. To end this post is a simple and short prayer for anyone wrestling with hurt or caught up in the cycle of never ending vengeance.

Father, I give you glory because I know you are a just God. You are a righteous judge and will never watch evil go unpunished or your children stricken with grief. I come before you Father for I know only you can handle every situation causing me pain the right way. I choose not to take vengeance into my own hands. I give it all to you Father. Avenge me Lord that this pain I feel will not lead me to do evil, heal me of my pain Lord and quench the desire within me to do evil. Restore me Father, for I do not want to live another day filled with hurt and painful memories. Father I forgive those who’ve hurt me, just as you have forgiven me; all I ask faithful Father is that you avenge me according to your word in Romans 12:19. May your name forever be praised for what you have done Righteous Father. Bless you Lord in Jesus Name I pray. Amen!

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