Why does God answer prayers in His own time?

Hey Akua, thanks for asking such a great question. What I have realised about God is that besides answering our prayers in His own time, He many a times gives us a different answer to the question(s) we asked Him; but since we are usually so bent on hearing a particular answer, we fail to hear the new and better answer(s) He is giving us.

We live in a complex world made only understandable by the help of His Holy Spirit and for this reason, we need to be flexible enough to adapt to His answers, reasons and timings even if they don’t make sense in the present.

I have also come to realise that life is all about purpose, and that there are many principles governing the spiritual world that either open us up to attacks of the devil or blessings from God.

For example Ecclesiastes 10:8 tells us that, “He that diggeth a pit shall fall into it; and whoso breaketh an hedge, a serpent shall bite him”. So when we find ourselves bitten by the serpent for opening ourselves up to sin, it’s difficult to blame God and expect some prayers answered. It’s difficult and sometimes entirely impossible to receive the answers we think we want when we are experiencing the repercussions of the problems we put ourselves into. The good thing, however, is that there is a solution. And this solution lies in getting back on our feet to fulfil His purpose for our life.

Life is all about purpose so the question or prayer should usually be: God what do you want me to do NOW; and how is this pain am going through or this thing am not receiving answers to, attached to my purpose?

What you should bear in mind is this, God placed us all here for a reason, and if it’s money you need for example, the answer lies in your purpose and most of all praying for God to make His purpose for your life clearer to you. God isn’t going to bless you if your mind is set on wealth, merry, or being in your own comfortable zone while the rest of the world lies in chaos. He isn’t going to bless you if your blessings and lack of understanding will cause you to go back into sin and maybe into the very arms of the devil. He is only going to bless you so that you become a blessing to others.

Let’s take Hannah for example who was praying for a child for years. Her story will be the best scripture to use for this question you asked. Do well to read 1st Samuel Chapter One and Two. Her prayer was only answered when she prayed according to the will of God, when she tapped into the mind of God and realised God’s need on the earth. God needed a prophet and she needed a baby. Many times God needs to have something done on this earth and my question to you is, what purpose has God laid upon your heart: the purpose to be the mother of a prophet, the purpose to lead your family to Christ, the purpose to redeem this nation from poverty? The examples are endless. But the thing is, God needs someone (a vessel He can use for His purpose) and as long as you also have a need(s), then all you have to do, is to pray for strength to fulfil His purpose for your life. Pray not about your needs or the pain or anything else again, but for the strength to do His will, for it is in His will that all needs are met (See Matthew 6:33 and Philippians 4:19).

I do hope this answer helped. And thank you once again for asking such a great question Akua. Do let me know how things go with you. Be blessed in Jesus Name as the Lord continues to reveal Himself to you.

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