Superheroes Needed

It all began with a simple question: If you had a chance to change this world, what would you do?

After signing off a whatsapp conversation with the words, “superheroes are needed,” this question popped up in my mind. God was up to something. It seemed like a good survey question, so I sent it out to a couple of friends via whatsapp, not knowing what to expect and waited for their responses.

As the answers poured in, I realised a common theme that seemed to cut across all the responses: equality and fairness. Let me paraphrase a couple of them.

“I would love to end human trafficking and all forms of slavery.”

“I would eliminate poverty and give all the poor and homeless a place to live and jobs to do as well.”

“I would love everyone to have equal rights!”

“I would love to end hunger by increasing the production of food..”

“I’ll will love children of God to dominate this world and seize control from the hands of the devil, so that we can have a sin-free, and stress-free life filled with love and no lack.”

“I would love to promote healthy living.”

“I would love to use technology to improve the lives of people.”

“I would love to put an end to all social issues that affect women: rape, ritual killings, sex trafficking and so forth. I would love to be the voice of the many hurting women around the world. Those with low self-esteem issues and so forth. I would love to inspire and educate them through my speeches…”

Honestly, their comments touched my heart, and I feel immensely drawn to their causes.

We all want to make this world a better place but there is one problem: our desires our locked up in our heads. Think about it, many people want to change this world, but there always seems to be a barrier that keeps them from achieving this purpose.

This is why the questionnaire below was created. To help transform your dreams of change into a reality.

The Questionnaire

1) If you had a chance to change this world, what would you do?

2) What steps are you taking today, towards fulfilling your dream of change?

3) What barriers are keeping you from making a difference in this world?

4) What resources do you currently have and what resources will you need to make your change happen? Conduct a skills and resource inventory.

5) What type of people (team members) will you need in your ‘A’ or action team? What skills do you lack? What external skills will you need to make your change happen?

6) What drives you? What about your desire drives you? Without a drive, there would be nothing to keep you going. Without a strong drive, your dream will be nothing more than a thought.

7) Is God leading you? Do you feel this is your God-given purpose?

8) How well versed are you in the subject area of the change you want to make? Knowledge fuels your drive. Fresh knowledge is a catalyst for new ideas. Make books your best friend and be a leech to knowledge. A person with a desire to end human-trafficking, who lacks knowledge on how the industry works: how people are caught and trafficked and so forth, has zero chances of making change happen. Fuel your desire with knowledge and watch change happen through you in innovative ways.

May God bless you, as you go out to be the worldchanger you were born to be.

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