Love always wins

Time and time again, one principal has proven itself strong in my life-though it took me long to realise it-and it’s this: love always wins. I first stumbled upon it after having one of the most loving and intimate conversations (ever) with a friend of mine after what seemed like a series of arguments; it was after this that she updated her display picture with the words ‘love always wins’. Even then the words didn’t really sink in till a moment, months later, when I was so sure that we would never talk again. In what seemed like a hodgepodge of emotions with me asking God what on earth was going on, why everything was happening and when our emotional roller coaster will all come to an end: He told me to do something loving, something opposite of what I was planning to do: I was thinking of sending a text that showed how hurt I felt, but He told me to send something loving, something kind, something genuine and thoughtful. It didn’t make sense. Who sends a thoughtful message to someone they are mad at? God was literally telling me to hit the reset button with an act of love.

Honestly after sending that message I didn’t know what to expect, but then Love worked a miracle-yes! God moved. Not only did her response make me care no longer about what had happened earlier, but then it showed me the power of love over bitterness and anger. This was when her words “love always wins” began to play back in my mind.

Focus on love

I recall an instance when another friend I was helping out with a project, all of a sudden began ignoring my calls and not replying my texts, and this was whiles I had done work for him that required payment. It was actually quiet annoying, but then there was this day when he walked up to me in a gathering without saying much, and all God told me to do was to forget and make no mention of the project and everything about it; for that “distraction” just came as a way to dent our friendship. I obeyed, forgot about the difference, had a lengthy chat about life and God and we are still good friends.

I actually have a thousand personal examples of this principal, most of which are experiences with and stories from my very friend who “introduced” me to it. Honestly, and let me sidetrack a bit, she is the most forgiving, loving and caring girl I know. There are a myriad times that she acted so lovingly even when I expected her to be mad at me or the situation-truthfully in the beginning I thought she had a problem up there. But now I realise how right she has always been. Sometimes it wasn’t even fun to tell her about people who annoyed me because I knew she would just laugh and tell me to forgive them or let it all go. Once, however, I did apply her principles; my sister called me up to support our dad with something, and when I said it wasn’t a problem at all, she let out a sigh and said she was actually surprised I agreed. Love won and it didn’t make sense, when the expected reaction was a boycott, love or God said to support and in the end, peace and love prevailed not forgetting a couple of “I love you’s” and acts of appreciation which I honestly didn’t expect. My “love always wins” friend said she was proud of me, but truthfully it all felt normal and like the right thing to do. I guess she rubbed her principles off me just for a little while. Okay this is getting emotional, but I am sure you get the point: love always wins.

My mother once told me to be the mature person in every relationship. It all really makes sense now: what I believe she was trying to say is: always be the one to walk in love even when your relationship seems to be crumbling, even when you’re offended or when it all doesn’t make sense. Walking in love or countering evil with love doesn’t make sense on the onset, but trust me it greatly pays. Hatred, revenge and bitterness do nothing but to leave us empty, grumpy and very lonely: if you have experienced this before you will understand. They are just not worth it.

I will end this article with a thought that came to me before I began writing it; and it goes like this: “Love covers a multitude of wrongs, it’s patient, it’s kind. Love always win, so always choose love. Amen.”

God bless you and thanks for reading.

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