I want you back or maybe not

One of the things I have realised about breakups and relationships turned sour, is this whole idea about using social media to either get an ex jealous or thinking about you. I guess myriads of people in this social media generation, have tried at one point in time or another, to take and upload a picture that showed them living the good life whiles they in actuality, were hurting on the inside: a picture that acted as a advert that read: you are missing out, you could be with me now and happy.

Torn undies

But you know, in as much as we will love exes and people who bounced or dumped us to be moved by our “advert”, the question we should always ask is: are they really interested in the “product we are offering” and will the product or rather person in the advert they see, help them to fulfil their God-given purpose? Hold on to this thought whiles I share an analogy. Assuming you owned an old torn piece of underwear, your favourite, probably the only one you had, and you wake up the next day to realise that it had been thrown out of your house and is being worn by a stranger in the streets; what will your reaction be? Most people will react in an angry manner not because they can’t afford a new and better pair of underwear, but because someone else they don’t know or trust is wearing what they feel belongs to them and them alone: forgetting that the underwear they lost was torn and devalued…And that’s the same way people react to stuff on social media engineered to get them jealous.

Tool of jealousy

You know, when you think about it, who wants to go back to what they left behind if they are going to get exactly what they left? will you want to run back into the arms of someone who dumped you or who you dumped because they were too carnal, immature and hurtful, just because you saw them hanging out with another member of the opposite sex? By no means!

So why do we feel a sudden gush of jealousy? That’s just the flesh (Read Galatians 5). The jealousy we usually feel or that they intend for us to feel is nothing but an act to make us feel we have lost something-which works because like a movie, we are drawn into the scene of the picture only to see someone else hanging out with an ex and not us-but my question is: have you truly lost anything? No!

What many people who partake in these “this-will-make-em-jealous” acts don’t realise is that, the breakup simply occurred because your ex wanted you to be a better person and for you to make them a better person. It’s that simple! So don’t resort to marketing the same old (carnal) you…if you truly want someone back, market the new creature God has made you (See 2 Corinthians 5:17). Or rather allow God to let them to see the new creature He has made you and thus desire that new creature.

Purpose, Purpose, Purpose

In conclusion, if you deeply and sincerely want someone back after a breakup or an act of rejection, don’t resort to carnal acts of jealousy, but rather be transformed into the person God wants you to be; as you fulfil His purpose for your life. Lastly, an emotional attempt to make an ex jealous or to desire you, without being firstly transformed or bettered in life, will give them a greater reason to push you further away from them so that you do not become a distraction to all that God has called them to do. It’s all about purpose; so in all things, be purpose-minded, be helpmeet-minded and be God-minded.

Thanks (again) for reading and God bless you.

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