A mirage called beauty

I don’t know about you, but it seems to me that a lot of people invest enormously in their looks; and it’s fine you know. I guess this is probably because, our looks speak volumes about us before people get to know who we truly are as individuals: our demeanour has the power to draw people to us. I’ve realised, however, that the aesthetics of the human form aren’t always as they seem; ladies especially will understand this.

[Talking to the ladies reading] Picture this: You wake up in the morning, freshen up, apply your make up, find a dress that best compliments your hair and/or your accessories and step out looking and feeling good; but then you wake up the next morning or look at yourself in the bathroom mirror during the course of the day and sink in depression because you feel you aren’t looking as beautiful as you should: the reason being that—and this is especially to single corporate ladies—your future husband, irrespective of all you did, didn’t show up to compliment your looks or ask you out.

Melodies and Salvation Pills

To counter this mild depression which grows stronger as ladies lament their looks and inability to grab a man’s attention and/or heart, they pop a million more make-up pills, totally transform their wardroom, hair and lifestyle. I think make-up has become the new drug; without that next fix, many feel unconfident, ugly and undesirable. It is a siren’s melody and in our day, striving to become a lonely woman’s “salvation pill”. It does make a woman more desirable, as it increases her sex appeal: this being one of the original purposes of its creation. However, it distorts what beauty truly means as it turns a lady into a mirage: a walking billboard that screams for attention—and gets it. And to the guys reading I will love to say this: if your love for a woman is based solely on her fleeting beauty and inconsistent looks, then you are in for a rollercoaster: truly, beauty doesn’t and can’t sustain a marriage: beauty—the way her pretty lips look when she glosses em, or how her beautiful eyes bring out the fierce vixen within her whenever she puts on that mascara and so forth—isn’t a permanent thing: it’s a performance that ends once she takes her bath. The question is, will you love her whether or not she is performing?

So what’s beauty all about? I ask because as I mentioned earlier, a lot of ladies invest heavily in their looks and especially single ladies. And it seems normal right? Obviously, the only way a guy will walk up to you is if you visually catch his attention—as told by a lot but not always the case. And the thing is, can you maintain the standard that caught his eye or will he always need you to wear a mask [possibly the same mask you wore when he first met you] before he can love you? This truly is quiet harsh, but the truth is, it is indeed happening in a lot of relationships. And sadly, even the “prettiest girls in this world” find it hard to maintain their optimum standard of beauty. Read the papers, surf the web…what does the press say when a well-known beauty loses or gains weight, dyes her hair or breaks any one of the “beauty rules and standards.” And most of all, how do these beauties feel whenever they are media bashed? Depressed! And it’s because people they have probably never met or spoken to before, didn’t appreciate the current “beauty recipe” they used to appease the eyes of lustful oglers.

Beauty that never fades

So my question now is, why do people stress so much on that which changes every single day? I mean no matter how many beauty enhancements a person uses, a prolonged frown or a break in any one of the beauty rules, can take a lady of the “hot girls” list. [Stressful isn’t it?] Honestly, I think it’s much better to focus heavily on that which cannot be touched, you know, your character and who you are within. Think about it, as we all age, we change, but the persons we are on the inside do not wrinkle, age, get flabby or whatever. Our looks and our bodies can, will and are depreciating every single day, but our spirits and souls, should we feed them with the Truth of God’s Word will never depreciate. And that’s an area that a lot of us need to work on. And you know, the thing is, if you are really, really, really beautiful on the inside—transformed in the image of God—your external self will automatically radiant your internal beauty; and I am sure you will all agree with me, that a pretty girl who is really beauty on the inside, far outshines a pretty girl who is grumpy, rude and dark on the inside.

I end by saying this: do well to focus on who you really are—your intangible self: pray and allow God to remove the bitterness and hurts from your past or anything that makes you dark, paranoid, unconfident and undesirable: anything or attribute that draws people away from you. Invest more in your soul and spirit than in your flesh. I mean that’s all good, but let the primary focus be on who you are within; because, you know, you may draw a guy to yourself with your looks, but then, you’ll need to be really beautiful on the inside to make a marital relationship work. The end.

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