Month: April 2017

Open response to Mr Atheist

After posting my article titled “scientific proof of God”, I got a comment from a man I will simply like to call Mr Atheist. This new post you are about to read is my response to his comment below. OMG! do you realize how condescending […]


Why do you believe in God?

Over the past couple of months I have been asking a lot of Christians this question. And I must say, the responses have been nothing but amazing: a blend of spiritual anecdotes, awkward moments and bible discussions. I did realise, however, that the common responses […]

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Sharing your problems

Everybody’s got their issues ‘man’: maybe a loved one is disrespecting them; maybe a boyfriend messed up or just got another girl pregnant; maybe they are broke and are about to be evicted or maybe, their cat just died and they can’t get over the […]

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We don’t talk anymore

Over the years I have watched many relationships suffer because of two words,”poor communication.” This is simply when both parties harbour questions, hurts and pains in their hearts and act on them without ever sitting with their spouses to tell them about the things eating […]

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Relationship Vultures

Every relationship comes with it ups and downs: there are the high points and the low points, the moments of joy and the moments of pain, the moments of love and the moments where hatred briefly runs its course. Meeting and spending time with a […]

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Living Tributes

It was about eight o’clock pm; I was sleeping with the hopes that my friend Rachel would knock on my door to wake me up—but she didn’t. Knock knock! Or was it a loud bang. All I remember was jumping out of bed after hearing […]

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I never realised how much bearing grudges could really screw me up, till doing so left me reminiscing and regretting my actions. Little did I know till I wrote this, that one act of unforgivingness can lead to a chain reaction of problems: and many […]

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Love always wins

Time and time again, one principal has proven itself strong in my life-though it took me long to realise it-and it’s this: love always wins. I first stumbled upon it after having one of the most loving and intimate conversations (ever) with a friend of […]

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I want you back or maybe not

One of the things I have realised about breakups and relationships turned sour, is this whole idea about using social media to either get an ex jealous or thinking about you. I guess myriads of people in this social media generation, have tried at one […]

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“Scientific” proof of God

Every single day, over a thousand debates and conversations take place around the world: many of which are centred on the tangibility and evidence of God. During such conversations-two of which I was recently a part of-you usually have a group of people who ask […]