Haus Diaries: Selorm’s Story


Before I presented the painting to her, I decided to play a little prank: I did this just to see her reaction to the painting before I told her it belonged to her.

So this is the little story.

After a series of conversations about God, her life, testimonies and other topics, I got to work on what would become a message from God to her. I had no idea what would happen after I showed her the work.

On the day of the prank, which happens to be today, I brought her the painting and told her that another client would be coming over to pick it up. I then went on to have breakfast and watched her as she held the painting and mentioned how the character reminded her of herself: this is because she had a favourite red dress which she happens to be wearing today-I had no idea.

Secondly she mentioned that she loved brown hair and that the base of her hair was brown. She looked at the trees and was like I feel this painting should be mine because….and at that point I couldn’t her but marvel at God. Because she is a gardener as well. I had no idea that there will be little connections to her painting; I was speechless as she spoke. But I had to keep myself from telling her the painting belonged to her.

Then the time came for me to make a call to the client who “owned” the painting. I picked up my phone and dialled her number. She raised her phone when saw me calling, laughed as she picked it up and yes, she realised the painting belonged to her.

I’m still kind of speechless by the little things she said and saw in the painting.

She did say a lot more about other encounters that came to her mind as she looked at the painting, but they are personal. God is wonderful👌🏽👌🏽.

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