Nothing in Me


Hereafter I will not talk much with you: for the prince of this world cometh, and hath nothing in me.(John 14:30)


I am going to paraphrase what Jesus said. He said, \”the prince of the world is coming, and when he comes, he won\’t find an iota of darkness in me. He won\’t find anything in me that is in common with him…he has nothing in me.\” 
Let\’s be honest with each other, can we all say the same? When Satan comes to steal, kill and destroy our lives (See John 10:10) and our families, will he find darkness in us (our souls)? Will we be carnally minded or lukewarm  when he comes? When Satan or his cohorts come along, will they find anything in you? Will they find, doubt, fear, bitterness, hatred, lust, greed, envy and so on? Will they find darkness or will he be expelled by your light?
Our protection from the evil one, is dependent on what we have in us. 
Throughout my high school and college years, before I got saved (or delivered from my addiction to pornography), I had numerous spiritual attacks: some call them hypnagogic hallucinations. Trust me, they were more than hallucinations. I also had a lot of nightmares and scary visitations.  In high school I  would sleep with my Bible in my arms because I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that I would be spiritually  attacked—sometimes four times in one night. I always felt overwhelmed by this experience, I sometimes couldn\’t breathe and it was as though a heavy load had been placed on me. It is only by God\’s grace that I am alive today. Calling out to Jesus, always instantly solved my problem. 
The pride I had in me, caused me to have a serious spiritual attack in 2011. Back in high school and college, my biggest problem was lust—the three major seeds are fear, lust and pride. This was the opening the devil always used to attack me at night. My unrepented sins always gave the accuser a chance to destroy me at will. Since the fall of man, he has always used our sin as a platform to enslave and destroy us. 
When the enemy comes, he looks for sin, an opening, anything that is in common with him (for rebellion and pride which made him fall) and so forth. That\’s why Jesus said, \”when He comes He will have nothing in me\”. Jesus was invincible because, whenever the devil came, he had nothing to stand on. Jesus had the Grace of God which has freely been made available for all of us: it\’s the reason why Jesus came. To give us everything He had and more. It takes Grace to keep us from falling into the hands of sin. It takes Grace to keep us pure and blameless. It is not by our human effort, but by God\’s Grace which He freely gave to us. We are saved when we receive His grace: when we receive His power (See Ephesians 2:2-9).
Many dreams have been killed because when Satan came, he found something he could hold on to. Many people are struggling on the path of failure because, Satan has found and is holding on to something in them—doubt is the biggest.

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