Hypnotized 2

Had I not known there was a way out, or had I not tasted freedom long enough to know His word was true, I would have fallen again.

Like a persistent sales man, he came knocking at my door again. If only we could all discern his presence, and his paralytic words. He is the serpent, and his words are venomous.

It is said, \”crush the head of the serpent, lest it shall bite you\”. Who sees a snake, and draws close to pet it? Who sees a snake and lies comfortably next to it? Who discerns his venomous words, and continues listening without rebuking him?

His words again, are venomous and the more we listen to him, the more his poison takes over our lives. Poison so deadly it kills us in seconds, yet we do not die in the natural; we become zombies: alive naturally, but dead spiritually.

One bite turns us into zombies in pursuit of freedom/ a miracle cure unknown to many people. A cure that many peopledue to the blinding effect of the poison running through their veinscannot fathom; they try to understand something their minds have been blinded not to see.

Hypnotized! The serpent came again.
Hypnotized! My soul he came to enslave. To see whether my house was empty awaiting his presence once again.
Hypnotized! \”My soul doesn\’t belong to you,\” I told him. \”I refuse to be your slave, I am now a son of God. I rebuke you in the name of Jesus.\”
Hypnotized! Hypnotized! Lord, I thank you.
Hypnotized! I am nothing without you.

He came back to pull me down the pit. An appointment letter he brought, hoping he could reemploy his best worker again. Job hunting was his mission, and his words were his weapons. Convincing me he tried, the word of God I applied.

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