We live in a world where we are surrounded by a farrago of trouser-unzipping self-gratifying images (content). Hence, it is now nearly impossible not to stumble upon content, that act as a catalyst for our indulgence in the myriad forms of sex.

\”Hot, whoa, delicious\” are the words we silently utter as our eyes feast on these images. A part of us yearns to continue feasting, like we have been hypnotized by the thoughts that evade our minds, to gratify our eyes. Another part of us, however, wants to be broken free from the jinx. Like a paralyzed rat being swallowed by a snakeunable to move or call for helpwe helplessly watch and hope that someone will help us to \”snap out of it\”. Till then, however, we helplessly gratify our eyes till we are turned on like horny dogs in pursuit of their next lady.

People ask, do you really think its possible to quit pornography? That\’s like asking, do you think God can create an orange or a new planet whenever He feels like it?

\”With God all things are possible.\” If you bought a brand new car at a very high price, only for it to break down after a couple of years of usage, who will you call first? The car dealer at showroomthat has links to the manufacturerright? In the same way, when we break down or feel that we are not functioning right, the first person we need to contact is God.

After driving on the hate-filled roads of life, many have developed a weakness: a weakness that opens them up to addictions and the numerous personal struggles people face. A weakness called \”the lack of love\”. Our yearning for love due to a myriad of negative past experiences, makes us easy prey. In this state, the tempter brings a truckload of inferior forms of love our way, that leave us empty upon indulgence. Like forcing a glass of toilet water down our throat after days of severe dehydration, we reluctantly but helplessly drink everything he gives us, yet hoping someone will offer us something real.

That something real, is the Love of God; which we receive after we call unto Him to save us from a life of bondage: a life of guilt and hopelessness under the hands of sin.

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