Today is rolling out a new product called Ask|Me.

The story behind Ask Me
In October of 2010, I went over to a pastor friend\’s house. Actually he was a friend to my parents. I went with a lot of questions on my mind. At the time, I was being battered by a lot of temptations and I needed to know:
1) What would have happened to my soul if I fell and
2) The best way to flee from a major temptation that was awaiting me…

When I got to his place however, I couldn\’t ask him my questions; I was scared he would condemn me or tell my parents about my personal struggles (which I had kept secret for years.) I went back home with my questions, and as you guessed it, the temptation caught up with and over took me. I believe many people like me a while back, have similar questions and are scared of asking anyone for the fear of being condemned and so forth. This is why this product was created: for you.

Using the product
Send your questions to the ask|me email address, which is currently
The answers to your questions will be posted on this blog (without your name or email and after you have been notified) so as to bless others who are struggling with the same problems.

Thank you

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