They advised us all

Proverbs 31:3-4
Give not thy strength unto women,
nor thy ways to that which destroyeth kings.
4 It is not for kings, O Lemuel, it is not for kings to drink wine;
nor for princes strong drink:

Many of us young folks, have at a point in our lives received advise from our parents or guardians on various topics pertaining to relationships, sex, drugs and probably every other social ill that destroyed the lives of their peers back in their day.

We listened to their wise words, and promised never to indulge in certain acts. However as we grew up, things changed. We began doing the very things we promised never to do. Some of us began living secret lives, and this led us to perceive our parents as the enemy. Some of us grew rebellious: a contrast to the kids our parents were advising a few years back.

So what happened? Why did we break the promises we made? What caused us to transform into the people we now \”hate\”?

Many of us look in the mirror once in a while and wish we were the innocent kids we used to be. We wish we never had an encounter with the devil. We dream about freedom, but it seems so far fetched.

We all have a conscience, and we all remembered the words of advise our parents or guardians gave us on the day we went contrary to them.

Why did we do it? Were we stupid? No! We were finally deceived after years of failed attempts to get us to fall.

With every failed attempt came fresh water to nourish that seed: a seed planted on the day our parents or guardians advised us. A seed that can only be nourished by one thing: hate.

Our parents or guardians cautioned us, but when we got into the world and started battling with hate, our only option was to get involved in the exact same things they cautioned us about.

We tried hard to quit, but with every attempt came more hate and this plunged us deeper into the abyss of hopelessness; far away from anyone who could or would ever show us love.

How about our parents and guardians you ask? Immediately we fell, and as we were filled with more hate, they saw us as either black sheep or bad boys or girls. They were disappointed in us and the love they had for us diminished; the only people we had left \”hated\” us or didn\’t love us as much as they did. That was the climax; that was when the seed he planted finally turned into a tree bearing it\’s own fruits.

It is at that stage that we begin to get other people involved in the \”soul-wrecking\” acts that our parents and guardians cautioned us about. That\’s when the evolution from innocent kids to I-feel-like-a-dirty-heartless-monster takes place.

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